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NEWS : 3rd September 2003

Latest mod released, the Cheesy Wedge Of Doom. This makes the Vice City Cheetah into a low ramp that you can ram other cars with.



NEWS : 17th August 2003

Fixed quite a major bug with collisions in the Sunshine Stunt Set, also some small changes to the FnB Packer, new colours and handling.



NEWS : 10th August 2003

I've modded the Packer jump truck in Vice so you can jump from the front as well as the back, go get the Front 'n' Back Packer.



NEWS : 31st July 2003

Minor update to the Sunshine Stunt Set, slightly different texturing.



NEWS : 14th July 2003

Major update to the Sunshine Stunt Set, completely remodeled halfpipe plus new items.



NEWS : 29th June 2003

I've been teaching myself Zmodeling, and the Sunshine Stunt Set is what I came up with. A big halfpipe and a better Wall of Death.



NEWS : 14th June 2003

First Vice City map! A 'Wall Of Death' to have a bit of fun with.



NEWS : 9th June 2003

Quite possibly final version of Portland streerace done. One down, two to go.



NEWS : 18th May 2003

I've started tarting up the Portland streetrace, putting in cones and barriers to make it look a bit more professional. I've uploaded progress so far as I probably won't be doing much more for a while because Vice City dropped through my letterbox yesterday morning. :)



NEWS : 10th May 2003

There's now three races up, one for each Island, I may do some more but Vice City draws ever nearer...



NEWS : 8th May 2003

Added a streetrace for Shoreside Vale and cleaned up the Portland one. Had a few little 'imperfections', like a couple of mines 2 feet in the air.. ouch.



NEWS : 4th May 2003

Checking through the links in more mods I found a couple that didn't work anymore, so I got rid of them.



NEWS : 3rd May 2003

Well, believe it or not, but I've updated the site. First time in at least six months..

There's a small update to Stunton Island and the first of (hopefully) a series of street races around Liberty City.

These are made with multiplayer racing in mind. If you haven't heard about the multiplayer GTA3 projects then get over to MultiTheftAuto and GGM now and check them out.

Barrels o' Fun

Stunton Island

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Cheesy Wedge Of Doom
Front 'n' Back Packer
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